The BioClean Water Care System simplifies the process for properly maintaining a glass washer. The self sanitizing technology reduces process-damaging bacteria and algae without the use of harsh disinfectants.


Removes Process-Damaging Bacteria – potentially harmful bacteria and algae in the water and on surfaces are nuetralized and filtered
Reduces Labor and Time – the automated system reduces the amount of effort and time needed to efficiently sanitize the washer
Self-Sanitizing Technology – multiple stages of processing are implemented to provide thorough santizing of the wather and internal wet zone surfaces
Environmentally-Friendly Processing – bacteria and algae are nuetralized naturally by positively charged copper and silver ions rather than harsh disinfectants
Supports 24/7 Operation Schedules – the system can be integrated to work seamlessly with a regular operation schedule, minimizing downtime
Integrates with New or Existing Systems
Automated or Manual System Available

How does it work?

The BioClean Water Care System is a brand new technology that will revolutionize how regular maintenance will be performed. The Water Care System circulates water from the tanks through a revolutionary ion exchange process that charges molecules in the water. The charged ions then react with and destroy bacteria in the water that could be potentially harmful. After processing the tank water, the washer can be run for additional cleaning. As the water travels through the wet zone, the “active” cells react with all exposed surface areas, providing a thorough sanitization of the interior of the machine.