Super EV

Low cost 60" Open-Top Style Vertical Washer - Designed for low- to mid-volume glass fabricators wishing to automate glass cleaning, with a low capital investment and small floor footprint

  • Custom and replacement insulating window producers
  • Post-fabrication washing or other specialty glass assembly lines
  • Secondary manufacturing lines for custom or make-up work
  • Final Inspection or Quality Auditing
  • Open-top design allows for single-pass cleaning up to 60" (1524mm) in height. Larger lites to be processed with second pass through the washer
  • Compact footprint
  • Easily operated and maintenance-friendly
  • Affordable price
  • Low E coatings compatible 
  • Reduced water consumption with filtration package
  • PLC conrol with HMI touchscreen operation
  • Process thickness capaiblity:  2.2mm-19mm range
  • Process minimum lite size:  4" x 12" (102mm x 305mm)
  • 18 feet/minute (5.5 meters/minute) operating speed
  • Process orientation: left-to-right, or right-to-left glass lite travel
  • Conveyors: 60" (1524mm) load/entry and unload/exit conveyors provided for manual load and unload offered in powered and non-powered configuration
  • Helical gear drive system for smooth and efficient operation
  • Stainless steel frame in wet and drying zones
  • (4) pairs of spray lines, stainless steel re-circulation tanks, internal splashguards and baffling
  • (2) re-circulated tanks to conserve water
  • Debris Removal Zone: One pair of fan-generating nozzle spray lines supplied by wash zone tank
  • Wash Zone: Re-circulated, heated water/solution with one pair of cylinder brushes (tank immersion heater(s) maintain 120 degrees to 140 degrees F based on user-defined set point), filtered through 25 inline bag filtration system
  • Rinse Zone: Re-circulated rinse with one pair of cylinder brushes, followed by one pair of fan-generating nozzle spray lines, through 10 inline filtration. Auto water saver function included. 
  • Highly efficient drying zone with air knives
  • Safety system: emergency stop system is provided